Global Leader 3 Years In a Row

With all 100% owned hardware and private owned top-tier datacenters around the world PloxHost is a Global Leader in the Minecraft Hosting industry. We strive to give our customers a one of a kind hosting experience like no other hosts can offer. In addtion we are always making improvements to all our services to assure the best quality hosting making our way to be number 1!

Why Plox Hosting?


We're here to save you money not spend a lot of it! Our prices are about the lowest in the market!

Enterprise Hardware

We only use top of the line softwares and hardware to fit our clients needs. All our servers run Intel Xeon E5s.

Free Backups

All servers are backed-up at least once per day--backups are kept for 1 month!

Unlimted Control

Your servers are yours, we want you to control your servers.


We don't leave you with a problem. We resolve it as soon as possible to ensure server satisfaction.

DDoS Protection

State of the art DDoS protection over 500GBPS.

Full FTP

Its your server files. You can use Filezilla or our website FTP client for fast and easy usage!

99.9% Uptime

Don’t fall for those host who market that they have a 99.9% uptime. Here at Plox Hosting we are always making sure that your server is always up and running with no Downtime.

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