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Premium Dedicated Servers

Tired of noisy neighbors? Need extra power? Need more control? Check out our Dedicated Servers around the globe in top-tier datacenters!


A network powered by Hivelocity; rated Top 10 Performing. Our network is built to offer amazing reliability and performance! Protected by Path.Net.


PloxHost is proud to own all of its hardware. Owning hardware gives us better control of customer data and quality.

The Goodies

PloxHost offers free panel installations, OS reloads, and general system administration! We won't leave you hanging!


Select from our wide variety of Dedicated Server plans!

Our datacenters

Hosted around the globe in top-tier datacenters

We utilize only the best datacenter facilities. All of our equipment is updated and new. Matched with stellar uptime & reliability, and a powerful network to match.

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99.99% SLA Uptime

All network and power is fully redundant. Stay rest assured with our 99.99% Uptime SLA.

On-site Technical Staff

Support & technical staff available at every location, any time of the day.

Locations Available

Select your desired datacenter location

Servers Available

The fun part. Searching for & configuring your new server

Found a server out of stock? Looking for a custom solution? Contact us!

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DDoS Protection

Path.Net Global Protection

Powerful Denial-of-Service protection powered by Path.Net. Composed of a 12Tbps+ combined capacity. We make sure you stay online, when the glowies try to get you!

Hosting Hardware

HPE, Dell, Supermicro

We only use HPE, Dell, or Supermicro servers. The best around. No out of date hardware. Hot-spares available 24x7.

Locations Offered

Dallas, Texas (USA)

New York City, New York (USA)

Our premier datacenter hosting locations. Powered by Redundant Hardware.

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BGP Sessions

BGP Services

Bring your own IP Space with BGP

We can announce your ASN, IP Addresses, and provide you with a BGP Session. Free of charge. A perfect solution for customers looking for extra control over their network.

Looking to rent IPv4 prefixes? We offer IPs at a low cost, as an alternative. IPv6 subnets are available free of charge.

BGP sessions available
IPv4 rental service
IPv6 provided standard
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Our Network

We call it amazing, as it should be

We have partnered with Hivelocity to offer a high quality network to our entire infrastructure. We have a network that is built to offer amazing reliability and performance.

Our major carriers include Cogent, Hurricane Electric, CenturyLink, Verizon, and others. Over a 1,000 direct network peers. Access to NYIIX and other network exchanges. Our ASN: AS31786.

Reliable network uptime
Tons of tier-1 ISPs
IXP's available
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Can the memory or CPU be upgraded?

Yes! Please contact us for pricing and more information.

How is bandwidth billed?

We bill bandwidth that is used in/out. There is no over usage fees. We will contact you with information if you go over your limit. 95th percentile is available, contact us for information.

Are you able to provide 10Gbit?

Yes, however it depends. Some servers may not have support for it. Please contact us for more information.

What is the provisioning time for a server?

As soon as the first payment is received, our automated system will search and configure your new server. This usually takes around 30mins -> 1 hour.

Can you purchase additional IPv4/6 addresses?

Yes. We bill IPv4 at $1.50/IP in subnets. IPv6 /64 is provided free of charge.