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Introducing Premium Hosting at a Budget Price

Welcome to PloxHost, since 2015 we have offered premium hosting services to our thousands of customers starting at $1.50. We are PloxHost. The leading, affordable, hosting provider.

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People Love Us

We offer amazing hosting services to thousands of amazing customers. People love us for much more. Whether that be our support, uptime, or great performance!

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Easy & Simple

Start your adventure in a few clicks. We are built to grow around your needs. Readily upgradeable options, instantly deployed to locations around the globe.

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Welcome to PloxHost

Premium Hosting at a Budget Price

Your project, business, or server deserves the best in class hosting. PloxHost is built from the ground up with our clients input, ran by some of the top professionals within our industry.

We treat our clients like humans, not like another row within our database. With easy to use tools, stellar support, high-performance networks, and innovation that will blow your mind.

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Striving above our competition

Global Leader 7 Years in a Row

PloxHost has been a leader above our competitors for years. With a support team that is always willing to help, owned hardware, custom features, and much more. We put our customers first, not last.

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Owned Hardware

PloxHost is proud to own all of its hardware. Giving us better control of customer data and quality.

Network Performance

A network powered by Hivelocity, our network is built to offer amazing reliability and performance!

Why us

Powered by High Performance Networks & Hardware

Take the stress out of running your server. We handle the heavy lifting. Leave it to PloxHost, and our partners to provide a high quality hosting service. A network rated top performing. We are built for reliability and performance! PloxHost runs and maintain AS31786.

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Partner Logo
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Dallas, Texas

Stellar Support

World-Class 24x7 Support Provided Standard

We staff a team of in-house professionals to handle customer requests 24/7. We are always available to assist you with any questions you may have. No request goes unhandled, and you receive a well-informed response in a timely manner.

All customers have access to a dedicated Discord or Slack channel for support. A community that is always available to help you with any questions you may have.

24/7 support standard
Professional well-thought replies
Speedy yet simply amazing
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Easily scalable

Readily-deployable and Built to Scale

Our platform is designed to handle everything you may need. From your beginner to your expert, we offer an affordable, easy-to-use, scalable hosting platform. From one-click you can grow your project.

Your needs are always changing, and we are always growing right along with you. Don't look elsewhere to fullfil your needs. Tailored, custom solutions for any project.

Scale in one click
Budget-Friendly at every level
No monthly commitment
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Dallas, Texas

United States

Dallas, Texas


United States

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