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Introducing The PloxHost Panel

Our custom game control panel, developed in-house. Packed with features that will blow your mind.


Introducing the PloxHost Panel

Built and deployed in 2021. PloxHost Panel is our custom control panel used for our game hosting products. No bullsh!t names, like other providers. Just a great experience.

We built our control panel to offer a better UI expierence to our customers, whilst growing our list of features offered. Learn more below...

Dallas, Texas

Easy to Use UI

Simple, Easy, & Intuitive Control Panel Interfaces

We believe that an important part of the customer experience is having an easy to use control panel interface. Our team has spent countless hours developing and designing the best on the market.

Our control panels are as simple and easy to use as possible. The fewer times you have to contact us regarding a panel question, we believe is a success.

Easy to use interface
Secure at every level
Always updating and improving

Tools & Features

Features that will blow your mind

We make it as easy as possible to complete simple tasks. We have a wide range of tools and features that will help you to manage your server.

Tools such as viewing your server configuration in one glance, testing your votifier, and more! Each of our tools and features are customized to your specific game.

Feature packed
Sh!t that actually works
Always updating and improving

Dallas, Texas
Dallas, Texas

Sub Users

Invite Friends and Family Securely

You can invite your friends and family without sharing your account password. Set permissions, view audit logs, and control every aspect of the sub-user account.

Now, you will never have to worry about making sure your friends and family are doing what they are supposed to do!

Sub-user access
Audit logging
Secure and easy

File Access

It's your server, who says you can't have access?

Some providers may lock you down on access of your server. We don't do that. It's your server, do as you wish! We have a full-featured file access system that allows you to control your server's files and folders.

From anywhere around the globe, you will always have access to your server console and files.

File manager that works
Access around the world
Secure via SFTPs

Dallas, Texas
Dallas, Texas

Minecraft Plugin Manager

Stop installing plugins manually, seriously!

We have built a Minecraft Plugin Manager. With a few clicks, you can install the latest and greatest from SpigotMC onto your server.

View ratings, supported versions, and finally download the plugin. It's that simple. This will save you and your team time and effort.

Minecraft plugin manager
Ratings available
Safe from malware

Amazing UI Experience

Always Updated

Live Power & Console

Web FTP Manager

MySQL & MongoDB Manager

Sub User Management

Sub Domain Creator

Java Version Selector

Java Startup Flag Manager

Modpack & Jar Manager

Plugin Manager

Reliable & Secure